The Go-Team Division is an AOG Recovery, Repair and Modifications team that provides worldwide – emergency rapid response services that are available 24/7. 

Our highly qualified service team are a dedicated crew of technicians trained to conduct damage evaluations as well as perform major modifications and structural repairs onsite. 

The CAS Go-Team can also operate under its D100 Authorization allowing them to operate at remote locations. 

With over 200 years experience and 1500+ modification/repairs world-wide, the team is available anywhere at a moment’s notice. If there is an AOG emergency contact us at (404) 520-3002.



• Aircraft re-skins 

Wing root/spar replacement 

Horizontal/vertical stabilizer removal and replacement 

• Primary flight control removal and replacement 

Landing gear removal and replacement 

Engine/APU removal and replacement 

Damaged wire harness replacement 



Wi-Fi system installations 

IFE system installations 


Winglet installations 

LFDS installations 

Engine On-Wing QEC changes