The Three Primary Components of CAS’ Policy

are Safety, Quality and Value.

At CAS, safety is defined under safety of personnel and safety of product.

Safety of personnel is primarily driven by the CAS SMS Program (Safety Management System). In addition, Product Safety under AS9110 standard 8.1.3, puts a strong emphasis on the assurance of product safety. 
Safety Management System – Though not yet required for US based repair stations, CAS has implemented SMS principles in maintenance practices. In addition, CAS has developed measures necessary to ensure that any safety related issues are communicated and managed between the Air Operators, customers, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers using sound safety management system principles. The goal of the CAS SMS program is to eliminate the potential for adversely affecting aviation safety, injury to people, and damage to equipment through proactive management of identifiable hazards and their associated risks. 
Product Safety – Ontario Line Maintenance and Go-Team lead the way in safety under their AS9110C certification by NSF-ISR. In this standard, it states that employees can ensure product safety at a process level. Safety to aircraft and ensuring aircraft maintenance is done without compromising product safety is the end game for the various processes CAS uses to accomplish aircraft maintenance. The goal of the CAS Quality Management System is to increase awareness of all employees no matter what their skill, that they can ensure product safety to aircraft by following their individual processes at Certified Aviation Services.